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The Council of Infrastructure Financing Authorities is comprised of government agencies, businesses and other organizations that are involved in financing of water infrastructure that protects public health and the environment. 

Public Members

Public members are government agencies, including state financing authorities and state agencies such as departments of public health and environmental protection, that are empowered within each state to award or facilitate State Revolving Fund financial assistance.

Membership dues:

  • States with a population less than two million - $1,000

  • States with a population between two and five million - $3,000

  • States with a population more than five million - $5,000

Associate Members

Associate members are other public financing agencies or authorities that provide financial assistance for infrastructure needs.

Affiliate Members

Affiliate members are businesses involved with infrastructure financing, such as underwriters, bond counsel, and financial advisors, or an individual academic.

  • Individual academic - $250

  • Regional business - $2,500

  • National business - $5,000

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