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President: Jeff Walker, Texas Water Development Board

Vice President: Angela Knecht, Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Treasurer: William Carr, Kansas Department of Health and Environment

Secretary: Lori Johnson, Oklahoma Water Resources Board

Past President: James P McGoff, Indiana Finance Authority


EPA Region 1: Jeff Diehl, Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank

EPA Region 2: Maureen Coleman, New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation

EPA Region 3: Shawn Crumlish, Virginia Resources Authority

EPA Region 4: Felicia Freeman, Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

EPA Region 5: Jerry Rouch, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency

EPA Region 6: Debra Dickson, Arkansas Department of Agriculture

EPA Region 7: Aaron Smith, Iowa Finance Authority 

EPA Region 8: Keith McLaughlin, Colorado Water Resources and and Power Development Authority

EPA Region 9: Dan Dialessi, Water Infrastructure Finance Authority of Arizona

EPA Region 10: MaryAnna Peavey, Idaho Department of Environmental Quality

At-Large Affiliate: Robert Mellinger, Citigroup

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