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2019 CIFA Water Infrastructure Summit 

More than 200 water professionals from around the nation, including more than 100 SRF managers and staff, convened in Washington, D.C. on April 24 - 25 to learn the latest in federal policy and financing innovations. 

Program (PDF)

National Leadership Perspective: Policy and Priorities


Financial Future: Outlook on the U.S. Economy


Investing in Transformational Innovation

  • Brent Fewell, Chairman, Earth and Water Law Group

  • Jeff Moeller, Director of Water Technologies, The Water Research Foundation


Balancing Act: Meeting Water Needs Now and Decades from Now

  • Nick Chamberlain, U.S. EPA Drinking Water State Revolving Fund

  • Howard Rubin, U.S. EPA Drinking Water State Revolving Fund


SRF Bond Ratings: Pooled Loan Programs vs. Projects

  • Omar Ouzidane, VP - Senior Analyst, Moody’s


SWIFIA: Access to WIFIA for SRFs

  • Jordan Dorfman, Jag Khuman, and Karen Fligger, U.S. EPA WIFIA Program


Perspectives from the Business Community

  • Matt Sonnesyn, Vice President, Infrastructure, Energy & Environment, Business Roundtable


Future of Water: Innovative, Inclusive, Integrated

  • Scott Berry, US Water Alliance


Integrated Planning: Common-Sense Infrastructure Investment

  • Chris Kloss, U.S. EPA Office of Wastewater Management, Green Infrastructure

  • Jason Isakovic, National Association of Clean Water Agencies


To P3 or Not To P3

  • Stephen Auton-Smith, Ernst & Young Infrastructure Advisors

  • Full Report: Three questions on public-private partnerships for US municipal water projects

Past Conferences 

  • 2018 Program

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